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In Abitat we perform actions such as:

  • Donations to various groups as educational institutions, orphanages and civil partnerships.
  • Building sustainable development.
  • Program of good practice in the construction of our projects.
  • Development plans to enhance the growth of our internal talent.
  • Scholarship Program.
  • Calendar of annual events in support of the community and care of environment.
  • Tenant Improvement to civil associations.
  • Improvements to schools with limited facilities.
  • Installation of playground, donation of school supplies, uniforms and toys.
  • Plan to support Santa Teresita Clinic in the Sierra Tarahumara.
  • Support to the program "Community Work" in the Sierra Tarahumara.
  • Support in the process nutrition of children in the Sierra Tarahumara.
  • Program to support in kind the feeding of the seniors in a House Nursing Home.
  • Recycling and reforestation campaigns.
  • Campaigns of values and water care.
  • Promoting preventive health culture among our staff.
  • Integration into our projects our suppliers and contractors and with their valuable contribution we made great benefits.
Our Achievements at the time

  • 19 civic associations, orphanages and educational institutions that Abitat has supported.
  • 12,555 school supplies and 856 toys given to children in need.
  • 3,576 pantry items that supplies the feeding of 52 older adults for 9 months.
  • 1,050 garment benefiting 128 families.
  • 46,226 drugs delivered to Santa Teresita Clinic to support 4,792 medical appointments and 487 annual hospitalizations. This clinic is located at the Sierra Tarahumara.
  • 1,031 cleaning items delivered to Clinica Santa Teresita and Sisoguchi shelter, benefiting the last one to 97 students.
  • 1,720 kgs of beans and corn delivered to support the program "Community Work" in the Sierra Tarahumara.
  • 4 collections campaigns of "Coins that change lives" for Fundacion Vida Digna AC, Kinder Mexico, Jose Vasconcelos, Kinder Alonso Lujambio, Kinder Paulo Freire and Primary School Víctor Hugo Rascón.
  • Milk that supply 14 months according the required daily serving for the children hospitalized at the Clinic Santa Teresita located at the Sierra Tarahumara.
  • Temnan improvements for Ojinaga Shelter, Home for Elders "Rincon del Amor", Salvation Army and home for children "Granja Hogar".
  • 2.7 tons of recycled plastic.
  • 18 tons of paper and cardboard recycling.
  • More than half a ton of recycled aluminum.