We strongly believe in young talent. This is why we made it our goal to financially support their learning development in different careers while we give them the opportunity to experience first-hand and practice their craft in a professional environment.

What benefits do you have when you are an intern Abitat:

  • Economic Scholarship (You will receive a scholarship and acquire work knowledge).
  • Feedback (You will have a mentor who will be in charge of giving you feedback on your activities).
  • Constant training.
  • Assignment of a project.
  • You will become eligible to apply for a permanent position, if available, at our company (We believe that by the time you internship is over and based on your performance, you will be more than qualified to occupy a position within the company).
  • Executive Presentation (At the end of your internship you will have the opportunity to give a presentation of your contributions to the company and give feedback to company executives).

If you are interested in being part of the Abitat family, send us your information to: hbernal@abitat.com.mx

  • UAV

    Abitat Virtual University is the online education platform available to our staff to further develop their skills and competencies.

    The UAV aims to:

    • Encourage professional growth.
    • Support personal development.
    • Generate greater efficiency within the company.
    • Boost the culture of innovation.
  • The Professional Development Plan is an annual plan that seeks to increase our employee’s skills and knowledge to encourage further personal and professional development based on goals set by the worker and their manager.

  • At Abitat we constantly train our employees in-house with workshops on various topics to instill a learning culture.

  • At Abitat we know that the development of our employees is one of our most important goals. This is why we carry out 360° evaluations in which comprehensive feedback on each of our employees is provided to help us improve on areas that need personal or professional growth.

    The objective is to know in which competences each of our employees excel to use them as an advantage to our company’s work processes and in which the competences the employees lack strength to help them grow and improve.

  • Annual Medical Exam

    The "Abitat Por Tu Salud" program conducts annual medical exams for our employees. Its objective is to guarantee the periodic monitoring of their health status, providing them with information that allows them to identify possible health issues, promoting disease prevention, or in the case of those who already suffer from a disease, minimizing possible complications so that they can enjoy a better quality of life.

  • As part of the Abitat workforce you will have access to different discounts, such as:

    • Travel assistance from a travel agency.
    • Discount on materials for home remodeling.
    • Special hotel rates.
    • Discounts in Master's and Executive Education.
    • Overhead Medical Insurance.
    • Holiday bonus for seniority.
    • Bonus for seniority.
    • Abitat free day.
    • Foreign employee benefits.
    • Annual medical examination.
    • Performance bonuses.


We proudly share our recognition as a Socially Responsible Company, actively and voluntarily contributing to the social, economic and environmental improvement of the country through activities that show respect for people and ethical values.

  • Community Support

    We are committed to promoting community development by implementing projects to benefit vulnerable groups among which are:

    • Orphanages.
    • Civil associations.
    • Educational institutions.
  • Because we are aware of the importance of caring for and preserving the environment, we carry out actions that promote and help generate benefits for our planet. One example is the monthly recycling campaign of PET, cardboard and aluminum. An action that in addition to the ecological impact it represents makes possible the delivery and support of students who receive group, physical and language therapy, dance classes and painting workshops.

  • We ensure the reliability of our construction services and our quality system, defining the responsibility we share to ethically and satisfactorily carry out our activities in accordance with Mexican law and company policies and procedures. This allows us to establish the basis for an administration based on the ethical framework, generating a productive business climate, peaceful coexistence, transparency and respect among all.

    Our values

    • Security.
    • Continuous improvement and innovation.
    • Personal commitment.
    • Long term vision.
    • Teamwork.
    • Efficient communication.
    • Discipline.
    • Integrity.
    • To foster a culture of social responsibility aimed at the success of the company, while contributing to the well-being of the community.
    • To be a part of the integral growth of the communities around us, investing time, talent and resources that are within our reach, in favor of the causes we support.
    • To enhance our values, fighting internal and external practices of corruption.
    • To promote a participative leadership, solidarity, service and respect for human dignity, adhering to our code of ethics.
    • To promote the human and professional development of our employees and their families.
    • To identify and support social causes related to the activity we develop.
    • To participate in strategic alliances with society and government organizations to allow us to meet the most important social needs.
    • To take into account and involve our employees, stake-holders, suppliers and contractors in the business investment and social development programs.
    • To respect and preserve the ecological environment in each and every one of our operating processes.
    • To promote and keep workplaces safe and healthy.

Socially Responsible Company

We take pride in having a team of collaborators committed to society and the environment. For 10 years we have been certified as a Socially Responsible Company of the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI).



“Working at Abitat is cool because it is a company that supports my knowledge through constant training and develops my skills. It also promotes an excellent work environment and fosters partnership through a healthy integration of its employees.”

“Abitat is distinguished by its quality in service. We are a company with a national presence and with great opportunities for professional development. We have leaders who know how to listen and value, the ideas and work of the new generations.”

“Working at ABITAT is facing every day with a new challenge and a new opportunity to collaborate in the construction of innovative and objective results.”

“Working at Abitat is working as a team, always with the aim of multiplying positive results, by dividing work responsibly.”

“I have the motivation to work in Abitat day to day to learn, to grow and to allow myself to acquire new skills that make me a better architect. Also, I have the support, the comradery and moments of joy with my colleagues, which allows us to build strong relationships to be able to thrive as one of the most recognized construction companies. It is for me an honor to be part of it!”

“Being part of the Abitat team, has given me the opportunity to achieve professional and personal growth. It is a company that invests and gives priority to the well-being of its employees and this results in a great quality of life.”