There is always a risk factor in the construction industry, which is why in Abitat our employees,contractors and suppliers' health, safety and integrity comes first.

Since 1999 we have a permanent accident-prevention program with the aim of creating a safety culture inside and outside the works.

"Zero Accidents" program is based on a professional system of measures and actions to ensure that Abitat employees and contractors work safely.

We have safety measures that cover not only the construction process, but start from the design stage all the way to the delivery of the finished operating building; Security before, during and after.



The Last Planner System® is an unbeatable competitive advantage when establishing a work philosophy focused on the client that is based on planning in advance to offer better results with less effort and in less time. In Abitat, we have developed many projects with the LEAN philosophy having results that exceeded customer expectations by reducing waste, creating a continuous workflow and anticipating potential risks.



Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

This is a program that seeks to design, build or remodel buildings and spaces in a sustainable way, taking the user into consideration to maximize their comfort and protect their health.

Our team has extensive experience with the design and construction of buildings for LEED certification. We were the first general contractos in Mexico to build a certified building under this program in 2009.

Contact us to learn more about this certification and how we can make your project a property where all users are benefited.


With the advance in technology and with the goal of building industrial buildings taking full advantage of resources, we have a team specialized in the development of buildings under the BIM (Building Information Modeling) process.

This advantage gives our customers the solution for future conflicts from the design stage, generating considerable savings and reducing constructive problems.



In the construction industry, quality is vital to ensure the functionality and safety of each project. In Abitat Construction Solutions we take care of having collaborators duly trained to carry out the works under the highest standards.

We have a quality program based on national and international standards to ensure the highest quality in all our projects.



For Abitat it is very important to be aware of the environment in each of the projects we build, so we seek to be responsible with the management of waste and materials.

In addition, we maintain campaigns to collect cardboard, paper, PET and batteries with which we not only support the environment but we also help local organizations.